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Thus, the novel delves into the life of young Sancho. An adventurer who longs to take to sea for the New World.

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To embark upon a ship and plow the oceans far from that infested and dangerous city of misers and thieves Until today his novels have been published in 40 countries and sold over a million copies worldwide. On reading him I had the feeling he was a writer with lots pureness. A traffic accident has left him paraplegic and in lots of pain, making life impossible.

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David, his father is faced with the toughest of trials: be witness to the process. While Jacob travels somewhere in the US where putting an end to his life will be possible, David withstands the hours in New York clutching to the hope of an inevitable question: will his son back away at the last minute?

This vigorous and moving novel lucidly represents the narrative of an author who has always been interested in exploring the closeness of opposites, showing us that when death is imminent, there is nothing left for us to do except to tell and vindicate life. He worked as a barman in the discotheque El Goce Pagano, which published his first novel towards the end of Since then his books have been published in Colombia, Mexico, Germany and Spain. Also in he left for USA and lived in Miami for three years, and sixteen in New York, where he wrote much of his work, while making a living as a translator.

He returned to Colombia in How does a rebel from the Jewish suburbs of Philadelphia ultimately find a home in the Son Moses Valley on the island of Ibiza? Maggie Scratch tells this story. About to turn thirty-two in , a self-styled columnist for The Ibiza News, Maggie reports current events from her century old farmhouse while reliving past adventures. After earning her college degree, Susana spent time living and working in various places until she arrived in Ibiza where she was a journalist for The Ibiza News. In the following years, she collaborated with independent film producers and wrote her feature length film screenplay, The Blue Shepherd.

From an early age, his life is lived on the streets, playing while he sees how drugs are peddled at every corner. Julio moves in and out of discotheques like a fish in the water, sells pills, has his first sexual and romantic adventures and, from his native neighborhood, quickly moves towards the city's periphery. And from there, onto the world, led by John Claudio, a Colombian capo who will take him on as his disciple.

The protagonist's vital experiences will be conditioned by his spells of narcolepsy, with unexpected and uncontrollable bouts of sleep that will keep the reader in a border-line between the reality of what is being told and the fiction provoked when Julio sleeps.

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Moreover, the novel offers, a trustworthy picture of the Barcelona of the nineties, prior and after the Olympics. A decade in which the urban and social landscape of working-class and poor neighborhoods radically changed, giving way to the city of design and new architecture. Dreams is his first novel.


Pablo Ruiz Picasso travels to Florence from Paris, the city were he resides. It is in that city that he first sees a painting by Rubens, The Disasters of War, which will cause a lasting impression and which will be the source of his most famous work: Guernica. This is impacting and appalling piece of news, the horror by the well-planned general massacre, profoundly disturbs Picasso and his friends. The Spanish Ambassador takes advantage of the up-coming International Exposition to ask Picasso for a mural and, although the deadline is quite tight, the painter accepts the commission.

During those six days of , the Spanish political transition is going through one of its most delicate moments, due to terrorist and military pressure. How to investigate when the unstable political situation calls for discretion and secrecy? This novel examines the monarchy's controversial inheritances. Heirs of Paradise combines, at an intense pace, the best police fiction with a rigorous recreation of historical events. He has published books and articles on contemporary Spanish literature, focusing in particular on the novel, short story and journalism.

No one knows their identity or from whence they originate. In the Pyrenees, Guillem of Montclar keeps a close eye on the movements of the French spies who are gearing up for war, when he receives an urgent message from his good friend Jacques the Breton. The three unearthed bodies await their arrival in silence, perhaps convinced of recovering their identity and return to life. The shadow of his master, Bernard Guils, blurs in-between the gloom of memory and glides across the land of his forefathers with the power of legend.

Venus Privada by Scerbanenco Giorgio

His footsteps still resound in the mysterious path, and project his invisible presence at each step of the investigation carried out by Guillem de Montclar. She has published four novels related to the saga of Guillem de Montclar. The following novel will be set in the Kingdom of Mallorca, the third in the Kingdom of Valencia, and the fourth in Aragonese territory. The truth is that he is twenty seven, still lives with his mother, suffers from a light type of lupus and idolizes Lenny Bruce.

Locked up in his tiny room he practices, among other things, the strange skill of escaping reality until one day, the rain forces him into a bar where he meets Lena. She, a prestigious lawyer, rich and shrewd, embodies the tip of thread of an entangled ball of twine. With an elegant and expressive prose, Efraim Medina, leads us to the intimate-most regions of filial love, the creative obsession and eroticism.

But this is only the visible part of the iceberg beneath which is drawn a harsh portrait of the human condition. Ramon Serra dies trying to defend his family, but is unable to prevent his wife and daughter from being abducted. After losing his family, Joan and his little brother travel to Barcelona. These are troubling times and the bookseller and his wife are burned at the stake by the Spanish Inquisition for defending the freedom of speech in literature. Sardinia, Sicily, Naples, Rome, and Genoa are the scenes of his odyssey. He soon participates as a galley slave and as a gunner in various battles, meeting extraordinary characters; he becomes involved in the intrigues and fights desperately for his love and to keep his promise.

Rights acquired by: S. He started his professional career in an American multinational company of fast-moving consumer goods, which led him to live in different places in Spain and the USA.

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Back in Europe he settled in Madrid and took up executive positions in different companies. He was responsible for business in several European countries and has chaired business associations in his sector. In the year he published Presagio Presage , which takes place in the Mexican Baja California and the North American California, and deals with the cultural differences in the two territories.

And although it was no long before it was proven that the whole thing was a hoax, many preferred continuing to believe that the dreams which could make their lives more beautiful were stocked up there.


This is why she demands from her most indefatigable suitor, Montgomery Gilmore, who recreates the extraterrestrial invasion described in H. But nothing seems impossible for this millionaire: the Martians will invade the earth, even if this time around it is for the sake of love. What happens when dreams turn into nightmares? Must we quit dreaming? El mapa del tiempo The Map of Time, Algaida With the police, the Nazis, the Communists and the CIA hot on his heels, both lovers will be caught up in a spy ring and hidden interests more complex and dangerous than they could have ever imagined.


Plagued by disenchanted spies, convinced idealists and heroes in spite of themselves, The Silence of Your Name brings together history, adventure, intrigue and romance. A novel that skillfully reflects how in a Europe devastated by intolerance and political fanaticism, there is still room for love, friendship, honor and hope. His intention was to despise the world, but he did not succeed. During the day he would climb a mountain range to surround himself of a romantic aura, decadent, even diabolical.

He went in search of rugged cliffs, and the cliffs of Dover and a trip to England came to mind, and between the wish to travel and the contemplation of a marvelous landscape he would doze off on the grass, to afterwards return home beaming with joy and plunge into the readings of James, Kafka, Faulkner, Borges, Rulfo. For years he wrote short stories, and then novels.

All of it is a product of those stories written fifty years ago. Now, when Pitol has become one of Latin America's most essential writers of our times, appears this personal anthology of his best stories, prologued with an extensive text by Enrique Vila-Matas. These three last works, although independent from one another, have been published as Triptico del Carnaval Carnival Triptych. He shouldn't have gotten involved in that fight. A seven-sided polygon is typically called a heptagon, but is occasionally referred to as a septagon.

Es por supuesto un sabroso manjar. Les deseo a todos un buen apetito. Would it make you happy to live the life that you're now living for all eternity? Poetry is what is lost in translation. It is also what is lost in interpretation. What I mean is that there are limits that need to be established and respected. Equations are just the boring part of mathematics. I attempt to see things in terms of geometry. No se puede estar a la vez infeliz y completamente presente en el Ahora. What is God after all? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden.

There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.

Persian Hindi Urdu. He is small and ugly , but very kind and intelligent , and he becomes friends with a boy called Elliot, who helps him to get home.

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The creature E. DRAE et et. Del lat. It would take forever for me to explain everything. Los humanos nunca fueron hechos para vivir eternamente. Humans were never meant to live forever. Si buscas las letras, realmente no significan mucho. If you look at the lyrics, they don't really mean much. I hate chemistry. Allen es un poeta. Allen is a poet.