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A tripod. I remember trying to take pictures in Tokyo, Prague, or Antananarivo, at night, and swearing at myself for not having one.

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I have a series of pictures I took in the medina in Fes, Morocco, in , way before ever considering travel and food as my main subject. It turns out that the thing that fascinated me the most about the medina was the butcher shop: I have a dozen of pictures of it!

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I have a million funny travel stories. I might have to write a book full of them, one day. Most of them are quite salty, too! When I was 18, during my very first trip by myself, I went to Amsterdam. I got lost in the old town. This was before smartphones. I got lost in the Amsterdam maze and forgot to write down where my hotel was, and even what the name of the hotel was!

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Of course my entire luggage was at the hotel. It took me nine hours to finally find it.

This nine-hour adventure will stay with me forever! I try to avoid looking at it, especially when I have a lot of articles to write. How does the saying go, again? I was a singer, guitar player, songwriter, drummer.

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I listen to tons of rock music. And I like it loud!

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I used to be the tech editor and journalist for one of the largest websites in Canada. I reviewed laptops, cameras, smartphones. I hate having to call the repair man and I always try to fix everything myself.

I love shaking cocktails for friends and family. But since this will be cooked, you can definitely buy ordinary supermarket variety smoked salmon.

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Home Plan. Plan Your Trip. Latest Articles. Want more content like this? Name: Email address:. Where to stay in Paris. What to see in Paris. A Mammoth Exhibit on… Oct 29, What to eat in Paris. What to do in Paris.

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    Properties for sale in Paris. What's on in…. Show everything. Events by category. Science Village Jun 10, Oceans at the Natural History Museum May 24, The Salon du Chocolat Celebrates its 25th Birthday. If you're here, we suspect that you love Paris and France as much as we do.

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