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Breathe :. I really hope that made sense so far. But I promise… this was about as grammatical as it gets. From now on we will set sail for a sea … of abstract.

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Here it is again. Now, I promised that we can explain all ver s with it it. And the one we just learned is actually incredibly simple to fit in…. Outside stretched a wild forest beyond the horizon. Little Sam and little Pete, two boys of 10 and 12 years, had never left the fence without their mother. They felt ready for an adventure. So one day, they packed up their little wooden spears and snuck away. The best hunters of the village spent the following days forging the forest.

But they could not find the two boys. The whole village mourned the loss. But then, it was almost a week later, Sam and Pete walked up to the wooden gate. Their leather clothes were torn, they were dirty and Pete was limping. You must have been far away. It can be a wrong.. And how can we ever explore if all we do is stay on well trodden paths? Going beyond a boundary can be wrong. Leaving the village was wrong because mom told them not to. But going beyond a boundary can also lead to new experiences, it can mean change, transformation.

They left as young boys and came back as young men who had hunted down a forest lion. And, last but not least then lastly, from the perspective of the village… the boys were just away.

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And those are the 3 main ways we can interpret the basic idea of ver … the going beyond a boundary. And the edges between those are blurry. So… all those 3 ideas, that seem pretty different do in fact have something in common… and this common ground is ver. If you have any questions or suggestions so far or if you want to venture guesses about some ver-words then just drop me a comment.

I hope you liked it and see you next time. You would have 2 accuative objects and with very few exceptions fragen that is not possible in German. So the wrong-ver is mostly created from verbs that are used without an object. So, is there any way to insert any information about the noodles? Great blog. Great read. Great work. I totally appreciate it. Thanks for doing this. Actually I make up the rules myself when asked. I would then have found and called Duden Komma-Rules and Do you have that somewhere? I I think this site might be helpful. Ich verkoche die Nudeln, meaning I overcook the nudles.

Well, it is indeed a made up word, but right context provided are you saying that you would understand. I think you would get it just fine. If a pattern is productive and ver is then I can do all kinds of things with it. Some may not understand it, but that has never stopped the Feuilleton from coming up with the craziest ideas. Hallo, Was meinst du? Fast alle deutschen Verben konnen nicht 2 akkusative Objekten haben? Also, 2 Akkusativ ist echt ein Riesenausnahme. Ich wohne seit einem Jahr in Deutschland und ich versuche die Sprache aus gramatischer Sicht zu verstehen…schwere Sache!

Wir nennen die Direktkomplement und Indirektkomplement…Ich braughte aber eine offizielle Antwort Apropos..

The history of ver

Er kriegt den Dank. Oh, mein Gott!! Warum bist du ein Dativobjekt :?? Dank ist …mir??

Nein,das ist meines Bruders? Ich brauche ein Shot Tequila..

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Eine Korrektur ist wie ein Tritt in den Arsch. Das funktioniert nicht … nicht mehr. In der normalen Sprache brauchst du etwas, dass das Objekt konstituiert. Deine Prefix Artikel sind wirklich der Hammer! Ebooks

Ich finde die soooo interessant und hilfreich. Danke Emanuel :. Moving away, apart: verfliegen, sich verlaufen z. Covering or soaking smth. Some of these can obviously be in other sections. Do you know all these by heart?? If yes, then you must be super fluent. That is a pretty new one but it is a problem :.

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Hehe, nee. Thumbs up for the icon. Did you come up with that symbol? Thanks : … I did come up with it myself. Especially for the non separable prefixes, I think if them in terms of either a hand gesture or an icon… it is more open to interpretation and yet much closer to the prefix than some forced verbalization. Aber es ist praktisch :. Im Feuilleton kann man sowas definitv finden wenn ich auch nicht sicher bin, wie man es schriebe… also mit oder ohne Bindestrich.

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Da gibt es einiges. Solange der Kontext klar macht, was genau man meint. Ich dachte, das wurde nur als Konjunktion benutzt! Das interessiert mich ja voll! Oh, gute Frage!!