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I like seeing a group of people get on board and knowing they will work out all their passions, resentments and ambitions in that confined space during the next few days. I got the idea for Night Over Water when I saw an exhibition about pre-war flying boats in the marine terminal at La Guardia airport.

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I was captivated by the idea of a plane with an upstairs and downstairs, a dining room, and beds. The idea of having dinner and then going to bed, sleeping all night, and waking up still on the plane, still going over the Atlantic, struck me as terribly romantic. The Boeing B flying boat, known as the Pan Am Clipper, was a wonderful plane, but there are none left.

They have all been scrapped, crashed or broken up for parts and I was never able to look at one. I did, nevertheless, get the blueprints and the manuals which detail every nut, bolt and rivet. Thus with Boeing's help, I was able to recreate the plane.

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Summary Bibliography: C. L. Moore

The lyrics were written in by the priest Joseph Mohr. A Silent Night chapel and museum in Oberndorf commemorate these events.

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Here, we give the lyrics of Silent Night, the original German "Stille Nacht" and a selection of other languages. Silent night! Holy night! Sleep in heavenly peace! Love from your holy lips shines clear, As the dawn of salvation draws near, Jesus, Lord, with your birth! Jesus, Lord, with your birth! Jesus, as man on this earth!

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Where today all the might Of His fatherly love us graced And then Jesus, as brother embraced. All the peoples on earth! Long we hoped that He might, As our Lord, free us of wrath, Since times of our fathers He hath Promised to spare all mankind! Promised to spare all mankind! Sheperds first see the sight. Told by angelic Alleluja, Sounding everywhere, both near and far: "Christ the Savior is here! Stille Nacht!

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Heilige Nacht! Holder Knab im lockigen Haar, Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh! Schlafe in himmlischer Ruh!

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Jesus, in deiner Geburt! Hirten erst kund gemacht Durch der Engel Halleluja. Jesus, der Retter ist da! It is said that "Silent Night" was translated into more then different languages and dialects and exists in variations all over the world. Here we have a brief outline of the Christmas song in some languages:.