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Social selling is becoming more important in all industries.

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If the candidate has not used social channels to research prospects or look for leads in the past, make sure they have a willingness to learn. Again, it's not necessarily a deal breaker if the salesperson doesn't actively share and engage with content on their social media accounts, but they should be receptive to doing so. Neglecting to use LinkedIn to research clients is not a viable option in today's sales environment.

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Ensure that candidates are searching for personal commonalities in addition to professional information so they can tailor communication as much as possible. Looking into company trigger events would be the cherry on top. The answer to this question doesn't have to blow you away. However, the candidate should have some sort of action plan to get started. No matter how much training you provide, it's still smart to hire a self-starter when you can. This sales interview question serves two purposes: It shows how much research the candidate did before meeting with you, and it demonstrates their creative thinking and entrepreneurial capabilities.

This is another question that shows how much research your candidate has done on the company. You want to hire salespeople who are hungry for new skills and better selling strategies. This question helps you find those people. Listen to how thoroughly they describe what they've learned, and ask which tools they used to learn about it. This answer will be different for every candidate based on what they're selling and whom they're selling to.

But their answer will allow you to gauge how they qualify prospects. It also gives you a further sense of their sales training and instincts.

Business Expert Guide to Top 100 B2B Sales Interview Questions

Their questions should be focused and get to the root of whether a prospect is a good fit or not. Short cycles call for reps that can close quickly, and long sales cycles require a much more careful, tailored approach. They're drastically different, and your candidate should recognize this. The right answer here will depend on your company's process, but in general, the more tenacious and persistent a rep is willing to be, the better. Trish Bertuzzi, the founder of The Bridge Group , recommends six to eight attempts before throwing in the towel.

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Appraise the person's attitude towards rejection. Do they need time to shake off an unpleasant conversation? Or do they bounce back immediately?

Top 5 Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers

See which strategies they use to recover and move on. Selling to everyone and anyone -- even if a salesperson knows it's not in the prospect's best interest -- is a recipe for disaster.

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  • Make sure your candidate is comfortable with turning business away if the potential customer isn't a good fit. Everyone has bad spells, so beware of someone who claims they've never experienced a downturn. Nothing's wrong with a temporary slump as long as the candidate learned from it. Following up on deals to learn how to do better next time boosts the odds of winning in the future. A salesperson who takes the time to learn from both their successes and their failures will be a valuable addition to your team.

    The answer to this question shows how they approach difficult prospects and whether they can put aside their pride to move a deal forward for the greater good of the company. Listen for a clear explanation of the situation, the steps they took to fix it, and the results of their actions. Want to build a team of rockstars? Hire people who are thinking about going above and beyond for your company before they've even been hired.

    Many salespeople get into the profession because they're aspiring entrepreneurs. By asking candidates about a fictional company, you'll learn more about their future goals and motivators. You'll also get a taste of how they pitch business ideas. Get insight into how they approach and maintain prospect relationships. If their answer is that they mainly communicate over email or via the occasional voicemail, that might be a red flag. If they tell you they collect lead intelligence and build strong rapport over the phone, that's a good sign. It could be the classic "Sell me this pen" or "Sell me what you had for lunch today.

    A great candidate will ask qualifying questions like " What problem are you trying to solve? This shows how well your candidate understands and considers the sales process. It also illustrates how they organize their thoughts and communicate complicated concepts. Do they explain their process clearly?

    These are two things you should look for in their answer. Every salesperson has at least one objection that plagues them. Did the candidate listen to the prospect's concerns, validate their concerns, and help them reach a different conclusion? The answer to this question will tell you a lot about how your candidate solves problems and thinks strategically.

    Selling is about more than just listing the benefits and features of a product or service. This question allows your candidate to show how well they can share knowledge and walk you through a new concept. Can they communicate the concept effectively? Do they have a deep understanding of it?

    If they nail the description and they're genuinely interested in explaining the concept, they should excel in explaining your product to prospects. Asking about next steps lets you see if they can iterate to further drive adoption. This would also be a great question to ask a growth marketing candidate. Things to listen for: Big changes in messaging or delivery.

    Asking questions about customers is a great sign here, as well. Every Sunday evening we'll send you a roundup of the best content and events from Drift and around the web.

    10 Steps To Creating A Successful Sales Team From Scratch

    Make sure you're ready for the week! Subscribe now. By entering your email below, you agree that we may send you emails about Drift's upcoming services and promotions. Is this okay with you? You may unsubscribe at any time. Just make sure you have a plan for 1 proactively learning in the beginning, and 2 staying an expert over time. Hiring managers : Analytics are important, but so is information-gathering.

    Do they take the initiative or wait to be asked? Sales reps : Ideally, you have indeed done this before. Hiring managers : Does the candidate plan to take the lead in learning the company, product or service, competitors, and productivity tools, or would they expect others to teach them? Sales reps : Be proactive in your plan. Mention your interest in learning from others by shadowing and asking questions. You should also demonstrate your willingness to put in the time and effort to get yourself familiarized.

    Here are sales interview questions and answers to score coachability:. Hiring manager : Did they take it personally? Were they defensive? Instead, show how criticism helped you adjust your behavior and learn.

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    Hiring managers : The last piece to this question is the most important. Sales reps : Human interaction inevitably leads to conflict. Success in a new role requires that you can understand perspectives, communicate, take action, and remain calm. Showing you have those abilities to win the offer.