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Ecclesiastes (Blackwell Bible Commentaries)

Sign Up. The colors are arranged alphabetically and each color is seperated into categories: Direct Meaning demonstrates the plain use of the color in a passage. Opposite Meaning describes the color use when it contradicts the Direct Meaning. Color Symbolism derives a symbolic meaning from the color's use throughout Scripture.

Associated Symbols define symbolic meanings of objects in the same verse as the color. Direct Meaning: God's glory and the brightness of His presence. Direct Meaning: skin color - Genesis stew - Genesis wine - Proverbs sores or plague - Leviticus ;49 etc. Recent Changes. This helps you find the verses later when you need them.

Types of Bible Study. Every believer should have a quiet time and every Christian family should have a family Bible time, and every Christian is to be in church, learning the Bible through preaching and teaching.

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A quiet time is a Christian's personal time of talking to and listening to God through prayer and reading the words of God, the Bible. To have a Quiet Time you need to:. Choose a convenient time - decide when is the best time, and have it. Don't wait for a convenient time because it probably will never come! Be consistent - form a habit of doing it every day. Make sure you develop the following ingredients of a Quiet Time :. Begin with prayer , asking God to speak to you, and show you His will for you daily Psalm Read your Bible - like you would any other book, reading at least one chapter each time.


If you are going to read through the Bible in one year, you will need to read at least four chapters a day. When you find something that has special meaning to you, underline those verses with your pencil, or light colored markers, and then copy a few select ones to the small pocket-sized note cards to memorize them later. Write out your thoughts and conclusions in a notebook so that you can begin to apply the Scripture to your life.

Think about how the verses relate to your life. Ask yourself 5 questions as you read:. Is it Jesus, or Moses, or John, etc.

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The disciples, Jews, etc. Look at the context! As you read, when you notice something confusing, or very special, take time after you have finished reading the current chapter, to go back and study out the portion of Scripture for more insights. Get your Concordance out and look up key words to see what else the Bible has to say on that subject. Remember, the Holy Spirit may be trying to get your attention about something. If your Bible has cross-references in the margins, look those up too.

Be sure to write down what you found in your notebook.

Finish in prayer , thanking God for speaking to your heart in such a wonderful, and personal way! Never become unteachable, or unreachable, because preaching prepares you to serve and disciple others later!

It takes a humble heart to receive instruction. Bible study groups are great places to learn the Bible. Remember to make sure, when looking for a group, that it is under the authority of a local church i. Not everything that calls itself a Bible Study really is one. Bible Cross-References. Most Bibles have some sort of Cross Referencing system either in the center column, or embedded in each verse.

Use these references to help you understand what other portions of Scripture say about the subjects in the verse you are reading. If your Bible does not have a similar system, then consider buying one that does because it is so helpful and easily accessible when you are reading and studying the Bible. Study Bibles - Beyond the cross-referencing system, there are many Bibles that have Study Notes along with the Scripture that are designed to give the student more in-depth information about each verse and subject.

These Bibles are very good to have, and are more often than not, the only Bible helps you need. Be sure to only use the notes as opinions , and not as absolute. They are not always going to be right! Concordances - A Bible concordance is an alphabetical index of the words used in the Bible, listing where they appear. Some Bibles come with a mini-concordance in their back pages. But when a Christian wants to know what the entire Bible says about a subject or word, you need a Complete Concordance. A good one is the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance , which lists every word, and every place that each word occurs in the Bible!

Bible Atlas - This is a handy set of maps of the lands in the Middle East where all the events of Scripture took place. They help you understand distances and terrain that people would have had to deal with back then. Commentaries, Study Guides and Bible Dictionaries. The last thing a Christian may want to obtain for their library of tools is a set of Bible Commentaries and Study Guides.


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Commentaries usually are large volumes of writings by authors on each and every verse in the Bible. They bring together archeology, history, various languages and other helpful tools into the understanding of Scripture. Be aware that commentaries can be very destructive to the faith of young Christians. Many authors do not believe the Bible is the pre-served word of God. They usually spend more time questioning the Scriptures instead of commenting on them! Study Guides are outlines of notes on Scripture.

These are not as extensive as commentaries, but often more practical. Bible Dictionaries are reference books that contain definitions of words and proper names as found in the Bible, helping the student better understand the meaning and context of verses. Concerning The Apocrypha. Neither Jesus Christ, nor any New Testament author ever used, or even alluded to anything ever written in any of the Apocryphal books. This goes in the face of the fact that Christ and His apostles quote from every other Old Testament Book!

These books have other names, and may be attached to the ends of other books in Catholic bibles. Following are some reasons the Apocrypha are rejected by Bible believers:. They are not included in the original Hebrew Old Testament preserved by the Jews. Romans states that God used the Jews to preserve His Word; therefore, we know that He guided them in the rejection of the Apocryphal books from the canon of Scripture. They contain teachings contrary to the clearly established biblical books.

Praying for the dead. Therefore he made atonement for the dead, that they might be delivered from their sin.

Mediators in heaven. The Use of Magic.

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A supposed good angel of God teaches the use of magic in Tobit! And as for the gall, anoint with it a man who has white films in his eyes, and he will be cured' " Tobit , The Bible clearly condemns magical practices such as this consider Deut ; Lev ,31 ; Jer ; Mal Salvation through works is taught in the book of Tobit. These false teachings must be contrasted with Lev , which says " it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. The book of Judith describes how a supposedly godly widow destroyed one of Nebuchadnezzar's generals through deceit and sexual offers.